A Slip of the Keyboard

Currently Reading: A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction

Author: Terry Pratchett

Genre: Non-fiction / Short Stories

Sir Pratchett has made me laugh in the fictional, satirical fantastical world he created in the Discworld series. With this collection of non-fiction writings, he made me laugh and see that we live in a fantastically brilliant world. This collection also made me see him in a completely different way. Finishing this novel left me sadden anew by the loss of this great man and grasping with the realisation I never understood what drove him to write.

I always pictured Sir Pratchett as a jolly fellow much like Saint Nicholas – rather than the giving of dolls and rocking horses, he gives us humorous and enjoyable stories. Neil Gaiman’s introduction to this book warned me that my view was mistaken. Yet, I didn’t realise/believe how naive I was until I read the thoughts of Pratchett for myself.

Pratchett was driven by anger, caused by witness unjust things occurring without comment from the rest of the world. An anger that, once discovered, is difficult to ignore in his writing. He was driven by it in a way that will bleed through forever more in his writing; his witty comments now seem biting, burning remarks on society.

A warning: The musings in this short novel will make you stop sailing through life without viewing the injustice of many situations. (I do not put on my justice tights and stop crime during the nights as Captain Justice. But I can no longer say that I am opinion-free on human rights topics like assisted suicide, feminism, the Syrian Conflict, etc.)

-A Bookish Girl


2 thoughts on “A Slip of the Keyboard

    1. Thank you so much for checking it out!! Trying to branch out a bit with this website.

      If you like books that don’t take themselves seriously and don’t mind sometimes wondering how in the world you ended up here from the paragraph before, I think you will enjoy his books. If you enjoy Douglas Adams, but feel he leaves you wondering too much, I think Pratchett would be perfect. He is like a structured Douglas Adams.

      As for this collection of his non-fiction, I think you’d like it.

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