The End of Eternity

Currently Reading: The End of Eternity 

Author: Isaac Asimov

Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction

This is my first Asimov novel; it will not be my last.

Using unremarkable characters, Asimov tells an amazing, believable story. A believable story about time-travel is not an easy feat, yet Asimov has considered and addressed many of the physical limitations and conundrums created by the ability to skip across the time line. Even writing during the fifties didn’t hinder Asimov’s imagination nor his answer to these physical improbabilities; his story even made the analytical voice in me shut up and enjoy the ride. (Not an easy task, I watched James Bond with such frustration that an Aston Martin lost grip in a curve without any physical explanation. Why destroy that wonderful work of art and engineering with no logical explanation, none, not one?!)

I did not form any connection with the characters in this novel, which makes me feel a little like I might not have gotten the full effect. However, I enjoyed the structure of the story, the ideas and predictions that Asimov presented, and a few minor characters; but while reading this short novel, I felt disconnected. A dispassionate onlooker in a story that entertained me, sparked a few ideas, and made me question morality a bit; quite like reading an overview of philosophies – enjoyable because it is different and has new, different, and interesting ideas.

-A Bookish Girl


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