Last Chance to See

Currently ReadingLast Chance to See

Author: Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine

Genre: Non-Fiction/Humour/Memoir

I am often saddened when I realise there are no more Douglas Adams books for me to read or radio shows for me to hear. His books are at the top of my list for entertaining, enjoyable, and humorous. I believe my adoration for Douglas Adams explains my affinity for Terry Pratchett (and Pratchett, my love for Gaiman). I picked up this novel because I hadn’t read it and it was written by Douglas Adams.

This memoir follows Douglas Adams as he travels the world with zoologist Mark Carwardine to glimpse extremely threatened and endangered animals in the wild. It was entertaining, enjoyable, and humorous; it was, after all, Douglas Adams. However, it was also a beautifully written letter meant to inspire us all. There are moments so moving and touching that you will envy Adams his opportunity to really get to experience and connect with these wild and exotic creatures. Without becoming a preachy environmentalist, Adams gently prods you, stirs you into unrest, demands that you take action against the destruction of these species.

This book leaves you with a sense of deep sadness for all that we have lost and an urgency to intervene in the destruction of the homes of these animals. It also leaves you yearning for more; more adventure in your life, more concern for the animals that enrich our lives so much, and more from humanity to do the right thing and stop being so selfish. (If it leaves you wishing for more information about the progress of these species, Steven Fry makes the same journey with Mark Carwardine in his beautifully photographed and written memoir, Last Chance to See: In the Footsteps of Douglas Adams.)

-A Bookish Girl


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