Currently Reading: Neverwhere

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy

This story of a common man, so common as to be ordinary, thrown into a dangerous world so close to his home that he recognises street names and train stops, yet so different as to leave him completely overwhelmed and lost.

Gaiman spins a compelling, humorous, and fast narrative that captures the imagination of the reader. I lost track of my life – failing to eat, sleep, or breathe while reading this outstanding story.

Upon finishing the novel, I visited the London Underground and peering for people usually overlooked to take me from my dull desk job. Sadly, this is merely a work of fiction despite the clear and realistic descriptions provided by Gaiman.

After eating, sleeping, and adjusting to life after Neverwhere, I have bought, bartered, stolen, and borrowed all the Gaiman books I could find. I really do the stories and tales of Neil Gaiman. Expect a review for American Gods and Anansi Boys in the upcoming weeks.

Highly recommended.
Must be willing to surrender your life for a couple hours.

-A Bookish Girl


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