Human Universe

Currently Reading: Human Universe

Author: Professor Brian Cox

Genre: Non-Fiction/Science/Physics

One of my favourite scientist today is Brian Cox. (I actually have a top five list of living physicists and he is probably number one on that list. Congratulations, Dr. Cox, you really are somebody now!) I have watched him on a couple panel shows, seen a few of his docu-series, and finally, I can say I have read his books. I really enjoy the way his humour and laid-back mannerisms make advanced physics theories simple and enjoyable. I would venture to say more than Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox is the Carl Sagan of the modern physics community. (If you do not know Carl Sagan, you should stop wasting your time with my thoughts of books and read Cosmos and Pale Blue Dot immediately.)

Human Universe is an inspiring and uplifting love letter to humankind that will leave you feeling like the stardust that you are. Unless stardust does not fill you with the excitement and joy and wonder as it does me. In that case, well, it will leave you feeling special and wonderfully unique. Brian Cox does an outstanding job transforming the typically dry language of science into the emotional and beautiful language of love.

I hope you enjoy!

-A Bookish Girl


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