The Immortals

Currently Reading: The Immortals (Olympus Bound)

Author: Jordanna Max Brodsky

Genre: Fiction/Urban Fantasy/Mystery Fiction

I am a little over halfway through this novel. Thus, this post is not a review but an update of sorts. A how does it feel right now post. I am trying new things, hoping to get you involved in my reading life, learning how to communicate about a book while still reading the book, and mostly escaping work and anxieties through writing/reading because today seems harder than most.

This novel came shortly on the back of completing American Gods/Anansi Boys. A modern fantasy about archaic gods in the modern day, weaker for having lost their worshippers. Oddly, this urban fantasy is a modern-day fantasy about ancient gods in the modern day, weaker for having lost their worshippers. Perhaps I picked it up as I finished Anansi Boys because I was not yet ready for the story to end there. Perhaps I picked it up because Barnes and Noble was convincing in their marketing of it during my last visit. Either way, if I was expecting to slip back into the world I had just left, today littered with immortal beings trying to fit in as worship is spiralling, without feeling as though I had transitioned into a completely different fantasy, I failed in my mission. The commonalities between these books are not such that one feels he/she/ze/hir is reading the same book. Rather, one may feel shaken by the completely different approach to a similar theme.

This book has a lot going on at once, the details that are so important in Gaiman stories are not as important in this book. It seems like the author did everything she could with this book, but it still works – so far. It is a fast paced novel, as one would expect from a book with so much going on: Greek gods, murder cult, murder mystery, relationship drama (somehow there is even time for that?), and even more puzzles to solve. There is a lot going on in this novel and as someone who is learning to appreciate details and absorption in a book, I find that I feel swept away by the novel and a dizzy by the speed. However, I am enjoying it. Life for us mortals is too short to read a book you are not enjoying, so it all somehow works.
Anyone else read this book? How did you feel about it?

-A Bookish Girl


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