Book Hoarder?

I have a lot of books on kindle that I have yet to read. I have a pile of books in my bedside table that I have not yet read. And, I keep obtaining more books. I receive the BookBub and the Booklover’s List of free to $1.99 ebooks daily, and purchase many of the free ones. I go to Barnes and Noble to get out of the house, and typically end up with a book or two.

We just bought a house and are moving in the next week. I packed up my reading room (soon to be updated to full library!) a couple weeks ago. Since packing all the books and resolving to catch up on my unread kindle books, I have somehow obtained an entire box of new books. Many of which I have read in the interim – so they will being going from box to shelf. It is not a practical system. I do feel a bit of shame that I have so many books. Our reading room accounts for over 50% of the boxes we have for this move.

Does any one else struggle with this? Do you think your books account for a majority of your belongings? Or should I be concerned about my possibly hoarding habit?

-A Bookish Girl


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