Unseen Academicals

Currently Reading: Unseen Academicals

Author: Terry Pratchett

Genre: Fiction/Humour/Fantasy

We are moving, so most of my spare time is imagining where books, pans, etc. will go in my new home while packing them into boxes haphazardly. Luckily, my knee has been out of commission, meaning that I am unable to do much more than sit with my knee elevated and a book in my hand. Getting me through this pain and idle period has been Unseen Academicals, another Terry Pratchett humour fantasy.

Sadly, this is about soccer/football. Given this is my favourite past time, I feel a little like I have chosen badly. I read for a bit, try to stand, realise my knee still hurts, and return to reading. I just want to kick the ball around for a bit! Once I overcome my pathetic and very real self-pity over this knee injury, I find I really enjoy this book.

Terry Pratchett’s wit is so subtle that it can be missed if one skims, rather than absorbs, the text. When you take your time to let the text wash over you, you will find you are reading a rather scathing satire of sports fans, fashion, and university rivalries. At times you are reading a very bitter social commentary disguised as a small quip against the established ways of thinking. At other times you are reading a novel about non sports fans learning football. At all times, you are reading an enjoyable novel written by one of the best fantasy humour authors to have written.

If you want a quick, fun, yet meaningful satire, I recommend any Pratchett novel. (Maybe not The Colour of Magic, but even Terry didn’t recommend starting with that one.) This novel falls in line with what is expected from a good Pratchett novel, which is like saying “this earl grey falls in line with what is expected from a Twinnings earl grey; perfection, served at the right temperature, no sugar, no honey, and a splash of milk.” That is to say, Pratchett is a wonderful read, every time. And, even more enjoyable with a good cuppa.

-A Bookish Girl


One thought on “Unseen Academicals

  1. I haven’t read this one but am a huge Pratchett fan – recently been thinking about getting back into him. I love his combination of humour and social commentary. I wonder how relevant his writing still is though, I feel like everything nowadays is ten times more explicit than ten years ago…anyway I’ll be interested to see! In fact, I may blog about him. Thanks!

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