Fly by Night

Currently ReadingFly by Night

Author: Frances Hardinge

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Adventure

I do not recall what recommendation lead me to Frances Hardinge or her novel Fly by Night, which is extremely unfortunate because I owe the individual, website, or blog a huge debt of gratitude. After hearing about how well Hardinge spun a yarn, I obtained a copy from (I cannot believe someone was willing to part with this novel) and entered into the incredible world of Hardinge’s creation.

It was simple to read as if meant for young readers; yet the story line is complex, intriguing, and thoughtful as if meant for young adults. It is a story I would read with my child before bed, knowing she/he would enjoy the characters antics and understand the main story while also enjoying the themes and thoughtfulness for myself.

Luckily, I completed this novel on my birthday. A day in which I received several gift cards for Barnes and Noble. I rushed and purchased all the Frances Hardinge novels I could find, which included the sequel to Fly by Night. I am glad that I have discovered these simple but moving, thought-provoking, and fun books as I started my doctorate work. After an afternoon of reading and re-reading tough journal articles, Hardinge gives me a lovely bit of brain candy that has a lot of substance to kick back and enjoy in the evenings.

-A Bookish Girl


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