Twilight Robbery / Fly Trap

The sequel to Fly by Night and perhaps a better story than the first novel, which is not something you can commonly say about any book series. The language in these novels is incredible. There is an enchanting rhythm in the way Frances Hardinge describes a scene and a character’s perspective. The climb of the novel was entertaining and action-packed, but once the apex in the story occurred, I was unable to put the book down. Every page had my heart firmly in its grip with a stubborn refusal to ever release the tension, until alas! it was the last page.

This book only furthered my adoration for Hardinge. Fortunately, I acquired a book or two more of hers during my birthday haul. I am certain, after my wedding and all, I will settle down with a cup of tea, a weekend, and a puppy and get lost in another story of her creation.

I really like that she writes for young adults but not for young minds. She is not afraid to introduce her young readers to philosophy, which makes this a very enjoyable read for both a parent and child. She brings up questions, cynicism, and morals that we all consider throughout our life and should not be afraid address with our children or ourselves. And she does all this slyly in a novel action-packed and full of twists and turns. I really feel like Hardinge does a great job of packing everything into a novel that a reader wants without overwhelming the reader with any of it.

I really, really do hope you will try her out whenever you can. Seriously. GO! Buy her book!

-A Bookish Girl

“What made a girl a damsel in distress? Were they not allowed claws? Mosca had a hunch if all damsels had claws, they would spend a lot less time in distress.” – Hardinge, Fly Trap (Twilight Robbery)


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