Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

Another Gaiman book? Yes, amazingly enough, there are a lot of Neil Gaiman books I have yet to read and so I am trying to remedy that – one book at a time. Trigger Warnings is a short story collection with a smattering of poems throughout. There is even a small gift to those hoping for more from Shadow (American Gods main character).

If you are seeking a novel that will keep you up at night, seek an H.P. Lovecraft short story collection for this will not satiate your desire for creepy, nightmare-ish tales. In Gaiman fashion, this collection contains exercises in wordplay, experiments in storytelling, and a few stories that will become creepy after a couple read-throughs. He did not intend to scare the audience, merely to make them uncomfortable.

This is a huge task. Instead, Gaiman aimed to make uncomfortable the reader he pictured writing for and with each story we have a different reader. He may make you uncomfortable if you dislike spiders with one tale, but you may read the remainder of the stories and not appreciate anything about them. I believe it is because of this hit or miss style many people have been rather critical of this collection.

I enjoyed it. Not every story was my cup of tea, but I enjoyed the word play and experimentation found in each story. I would not recommend this to you if you are just discovering Gaiman because he has such great books to be devoured first.

-A Bookish Girl


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