“Shh! It can hear you.”

So… I gave up on this one. Here is what I had written, but I just never found the want or inspiration to continue it or fix it. Here is a very short and very stupid story… feel free to change it and manipulate it as you wish. The inspiration for the original story is pictured below, maybe it will inspire you to greatness.

Pumps hum as they push fluid through piping with the strength to vibrate the floor. The hum graduates to a dull roar as fans begin to suck out the air out of the small cell. Finally, the engine begins motoring and Johnny and Steve settle to the control room just outside of the cell.

“Just another day in paradise,” Johnny murmurs quietly. He doesn’t even realise he said anything, just a phrase religiously murmured prior to every run of the engine. These automatic habits are seen throughout the entire testing facility, a realisation that even the most scientific minds are bound by the rules of superstition.

The combustion begins. “The numbers look good.”

Oil begins to shoot out of the engine. The pressure sensor appears to have not been secured properly. The red light flashes on and the heaters, pumps, and engine all switch off. Johnny glares at Steve, “Well, the kill switch works. You should know better! It can hear you. Never say it is good. It is that exact moment it all goes bad.”

“It can not hear me,” Steve responds haughtily.

Johnny mutters something under his breath that sounds like “know-it-alls all know nothing,” as he walks into the testing chamber. A dab of Loctite and a double-check with the torque-wrench secures the pressure sensor. Johnny surveys the room for potential sources of failure. Certain that it is all fine, he joins back with Steve in the control room.

Steve is pale and shaking when Johnny returns.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“It spoke to me..” Steve says hoarsely.

“What spoke to you?”

“The-the engine. It spoke..”


Our single cylinder test cell.



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