How the Marquis Got His Coat Back

Neverwhere ended and you were left in the real world. The emotional whiplash left you grasping, why did this story end? A few months later it hits you, what about the Marquis and his coat? The coat he so loved and adored?

Gaiman – the ever giving author demigod – answers your pleas for more. Even better yet, this story details and explains more of your favourite character (you cannot tell me that perfectly average Richard was the character that stands out in this novel). What is there to stop you from picking up this short, short tale? Nothing! It won’t even take your entire lunch break to read.

I rather enjoyed this story and am immensely grateful to Gaiman for revisiting the London Underground. The magic and twists of Neverwhere come back to the reader like a sorely missed old friend. Even though less than fifty pages (perhaps less than forty?), the story is filled with adventure and action. It is definitely a stand-alone, strong story. It is definitely a natural extension to the Neverwhere story.

And in understanding those contradictions, you are beginning to see the magic of Gaiman world-building. The it-factor that makes him my favourite living writer.

-A Bookish Girl


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