The Hedge Knight (Vol. 1)

I gave up on A Song of Ice and Fire after the fourth book. It was like a middle school romance, one day I woke up and was out of love with the story. I walked away and never reconsidered my position. After all, there are millions upon millions of books out there, no reason to waste my life on a series that just didn’t feel the same as it used to, you know back in the beginning…

When I found myself in the small, terrifying area that was the graphic novel section of the library, I hunted for familiar names. They had only second volumes of Gaiman pieces, so I was left with George R.R. Martin. Finding comfort in a familiar friend in a sea of uncertainty is the most human of acts. So, I gratefully grabbed this novel.

It was an enjoyable read. The storyline lacked the magical imagination that I felt with my first graphic novel, but Martin’s magic is in his ability to create a story that is believable, realistic to a painful degree. Reading this first instalment in The Hedge Knight novels felt like reading a historical novel. Or seeing a movie based on real events. I found that I gain an appreciation for Martin’s ability to hold a mirror to human nature and tell a story that one easily believes and accepts as fact. However, I did not find the spark that would make me run back into the arms of the Westeros world.

-A Bookish Girl


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