The World of Poo

There is no author like Terry Pratchett. He spins wonderful, humorous, thought-provoking stories. Even when the subject matter is poo. “A thought-provoking short novel about poo?” you ask.

“Here read for yourself,” I answer defensively.

I enjoyed this short bit of story more than I thought I would. Having read Pratchett’s collection of non-fiction, I learned one of his favourite stories is a very short novel about building the perfect outhouse. The humour from that book seems to be the evident inspiration for this piece of literature, and I would venture to say that Pratchett carries it out better than the original author did. I cannot pinpoint what it is that is so charming about this story; the single-minded passion only a child can have, the very supportive mentors he meets along the way, or the simple fact Pratchett wrote this for Pratchett. Although I cannot pinpoint it, there is something charming about this short story.

– A Bookish Girl


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