The Lie Tree

Francis Hardinge sunk her hook into me with Fly by Night and Twilight Robbery (Fly Trap). Her descriptions were enchanting, the story line was unpredictable and intriguing, and I simply loved her strong, trouble-making female heroine. Upon finishing this series, I added every Hardinge book to my wish list and bought The Lie Tree. The descriptions in this novel were not as magical, rather they were prim and proper but not lacking in any way. Her writing style in this book seemed to fit more naturally into the Victorian era, which is when the story takes place.

I felt torn halfway through this novel. I wanted to devour the story. I was captivated and wanted to know all the secrets Hardinge had hidden in this story. Yet, I was aware of a part of my mind that hesitated to finish the story because of the realisation that the mysteries and secrets were going to be revealed and they could only surprise me and leave me hanging once. If I were to reread this novel, I would not have the sense of wonder, urgency, and mystery that I have this first time around. I did not wish to lose the company of these emotions for you so rarely experience them. (It seems every show is fairly predictable and even books provide enough foreshadowing or follow enough of a pattern that you can typically see where the story is headed prior to the author fully revealing the path to you.) I did, finally, stop dragging my feet and finish the book Saturday evening.

I did, finally, stop dragging my feet and finish the book Saturday evening outside with my puppy on a potty walk. I really enjoyed the tale and the ending left me smiling.

I envy you the experience of this story for the first time.

-A Bookish Girl


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