V for Vendetta

Deliciously dark and thoroughly thoughtful, I was loath to put this book down for necessary life things like eating or working. (If I am completely honest, I did work while I read a couple days. That is the best thing about the hour warm up and cool down periods the test cell requires.) Everything you have heard about Alan Moore is true; he is a mastermind, a genius, and a spectacular storyteller.

I went into this story knowing a good deal about the movie. Which is to say, I did not love the story and felt it had the potential to be so much better. As I read, I realised that the movie shares only a title and a smile with the book. I was grateful to find this was an entirely different story filled with much, much more tragedy and thoughtfulness. There were panels that struck a cord with me as incredibly important for us to understand and really grasp. As with the one below:

There were so many moments where I stopped reading in order to properly absorb what I had read. I think I get it all, but let me just let it set in. Then, I would pick it back up and realise that it settled into my mind completely differently than I thought it would. I was shocked by how engaging this story is.

If you are one of many, many people who believe that graphic novels are just a picture book for adults, I urge you to start here with this tale. It is philosophical and engaging and most definitely not for children.

-A Bookish Girl

I had to look up synonyms for amazing so when I told my friends and spouse about it I would be less obnoxiously repetitive.


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