Prince Charming Must Die

Presented as a young adult novel with a strong feminine lead. The promise of an intelligent hero without the overused love triangle cliche. A story about fairy tales coming to life and not quite fitting into our world. What an intriguing idea!

However, there are times you find a good idea and it is poorly executed, but you like the idea so much you press forth. It is such a great idea, it must work out. All the hope and persistence in the world does not change the facts, the execution of this idea is subpar. With so many amazing tales out there, I refuse to finish a book just because I have started it. (We only get one life and we cannot waste it on the poorly executed books.)

Halfway through the second of these books, I found I could no longer press through for the sake of the interesting idea. Perhaps because that idea was thrown on the backburner and rarely even came to play. The strong female hero was a weak, complaint-driven teenager to whom I am sure very few teenagers would relate. (I would recommend Bella, the painful Mary-Sue heroine from the Twilight Saga, before Alice from these books.)

This book was not for me. The humour seemed to be weak sarcasm often used as unexplained disdain for the main character’s parents. (We are told they are embarrassing, but 1.5 books into the series, I haven’t figured out what is embarrassing about them. They actually appear to be decent folks.) The focus of the novels seemed to be on anything but the storyline. I was let down by the execution in every way – clunky writing style, uncomfortable transitions, little action, and a none-too-clever main character.

-A Bookish Girl


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