The Bromeliad Trilogy

Terry Pratchett

Is there any surprise that I found myself in a Terry Pratchett novel (or rather trilogy)? I will save you, my generous reader, from my adoration of Terry Pratchett and attempt to write a review that is more than accolades for Pratchett and the blind that I always find when I read his novels.

This series is referred to as a children’s novel, but it is a children’s novel only in the sense that a child could read and enjoy the story. There is much more depth to this story than we have become accustomed to in the children section of the bookstore. This additional depth is what makes this such an important novel for a child to read. The nomes not only struggle to escape danger and survive but also grapple with religion and prejudices.

Essentially, Pratchett teaches you without lecturing you or losing you. He keeps you entertained, laughing, and pushes you to think. Labelling this a children’s book is unfair. This is a story for everyone. There is a lesson here for us all. Therein lies the beauty of a Pratchett novel.

I apologise, dear reader, I cannot help but to gush when I write about Pratchett.

-A Bookish Girl


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