Cuckoo Song

Frances Hardinge

This novel is enchanting, creepy, and wonderful. It feels like Neverwhere mixed with a fairy story. I was surprised and delighted throughout the entire story.

I discovered Frances Hardinge earlier this year with Fly by Night (published on my Mum’s birthday in 2005) and Twilight Robbery. I was captivated by her enchanting descriptions, weaving mysteries, and action-packed stories. After finishing the series, I lengthened my ever growing Amazon wish-list to include every Hardinge book published to-date. She is a brilliant storyteller.

Unlike many other children authors, Hardinge doesn’t foreshadow and give away the story, she doesn’t shy away from important subjects and includes strong, courageous, believable heroines. I am aware her novels are classified children’s books. However, these books are great for weekend reads for adults. (Or perhaps it is a fun read for the young girl trapped in this ‘adult’ person.)

-A Bookish Girl


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