The Magicians

Lev Grossman

I read this novel because it has been pushed as an adult Harry Potter. Yet, I feel that is incredibly inaccurate. (And not merely because Harry Potter is an adult novel as much as it is a children’s book.) The Magicians is not a comparable book to the Harry Potter series at all. I am not sure why this comparison is even being made.

I liked a couple key aspects of this story: the idea that actually living out the stories and adventures read and enjoyed by fantasy readers of all sorts would be disappointing in actuality; the realisation that magic does not fix everything, magic will not make you happy if you want to be miserable.

My verdict of this novel is that I nothing it. I did not dislike it, but I did not enjoy it.

I really have nothing more to say. I might pick up the series later, but I am off now to a series I know I will enjoy.

-A Bookish Girl


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