Madeleine Roux

I was given this young adult novel from my mum out of the blue, so I was rather excited to read it. As a gift, I did not do my typical days of research and deliberation before purchasing the book. Thus when I started reading, I had no idea what it was about, how it was rated, etc. I just read from a blank sheet.

The story is engrossing, creative, and creepy enough to make you want the lights on when you go to bed. The writing is straightforward and fast-paced so the story can be devoured in one sitting. The novel makes the reader feel like the narrator; at times angry, paranoid, and just a bit lost.

At times, the story feels like an insight into a mind slowly going crazy, told by an unreliable narrator. Indeed, this would have made the book incredible and unique. I would have loved the final twist to have been an unexplained statement of the unreliability of reality. But, I did not write it, and my preferences are just that, preferences. Roux gives us a haunting thriller that can be devoured quickly and stay with you in dreams and dark, stormy nights. Worth the read during the next stormy night that you find yourself alone.

-A Bookish Girl


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