Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen is not a good story if you are looking for a strong heroine lead in a fantasy series. If you are looking for a series like The Hunger Games, a tale about a female (Mary Sue) becoming the leader of a revolution, then this series and this novel will be great for you. If you enjoyed the love triangle and push-pull romance in the Hunger Games, the romance in the novels will be enjoyable for you.

If you can stomach a perfect character for whom all the main male characters fall in love, has a rare and powerful ability, and is as emotionally mature as a middle schooler, the background characters are interesting and the story about the revolt is intriguing. It does require reading the entire series and suffering through the point of view of the main character before this part of the story is resolved.

I enjoyed this novel because I enjoy stories. I wanted Maven to be a twisted, psychopath and finishing the book let me know if I was correct. I wanted to see if Cal was a kind-hearted character as I suspected. I wanted to see if the Reds would rise against the Silvers. To resolve these background tales and inquiries, I pushed on from the otherwise obnoxious point of view.

To be fair, I am about 100 pages into the second book and the character seems to have grown a bit. Yet, the growth seems very focused on vengeance and still lacking any emotional depth.

I guess I learned that you can enjoy a novel while disliking the main character and their point of view simultaneously.

-A Bookish Girl


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