Philosophy for Heroes: Part I Knowledge

Clemens Lode

I received an advanced reader’s copy of this novel from the author and publisher.

Lode writes an accessible and engaging introduction to his series on living a “heroic” life. The book is written like a conversation, which makes it easy to pick up the themes and theories included in this book. It is written for anyone to pick up and read. If you are a philosophy student the first chapter of the novel is a bit difficult to get through as Lode introduces basic concepts and definitions in excruciating detail. Once you have endured this chapter, the conversation picks up. (If you are new to philosophy, this chapter may be difficult to understand, but Lode does an incredible job breaking down the jargon and ideas that you will need to continue your philosophical journey.)

I do think this book will be the weakest of his series because it is the beginning. The author seems to have a very clear path ahead with topics that will be far more intriguing. If you are acquainted with philosophy, you may skip this book and jump to the second without much loss.

-A Bookish Girl


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