Glass Sword

Victoria Aveyard

Throughout the first novel, I hoped the series would show the growth of the main character and the few minor characters. The second novel made it clear the main character would not grow. The main character has three thoughts which are repeated to fill a book. (1) I loved Mavin, but he betrayed me. Maybe there was good in him. (2) I love Cal, but I don’t trust him. I will sleep with him but not trust him. (3) I must save newbloods.

Several new characters were introduced in this book. These characters are merely abilities that will useful in the eventual battle that may come at some point? Their personalities and stories are about as bland as the world the author half-built.

I wanted to stick with it. I wanted it to be a good series. But the lack of depth, insight, and growth made it impossible to overlook the lack of world building. Overall, this series is a disappointment.

-A Bookish Girl


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