Conversations with Friends: A Novel

Sally Rooney

I received an advanced reader copy of this novel for free from First to Read.

Rooney has written a short novel which focuses on interactions and relationships rather than events and character reactions to the events. In many ways, this style is the strength and weakness of the novel. At times, it feels as though the events are unfolding in a realistic manner. There are moments in the story that feel as though Rooney is accurately depicting the complex intertwined nature of human relationships as they are influenced by our strengths and shortcomings. Yet, this intimate writing style can fall short. Something about the book felt like watching a reality show, like a caricature version of reality.

I tried branching out with this novel. And, I do not feel like this novel is my cup of tea. I doubt I would have finished it, but for the fact it was short. I did not want to bail on trying something new when it would not take too long to complete.

I do know that my next book will be fantasy, sci-fi, or fiction with a hero or heroine to cheer on and empathise with. Stories like that just bring me so much more joy. And reading should be joy filled.

-A Bookish Girl


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