After Spring Update

I have started working full-time. I have also begun reading series and I am not a fan of writing several reviews from the same series. (Especially if the books are not episodic.)

How to Train Your Dragon

I am about half-way done with this series. This is an episodic series that will make you smile. No matter your age, Hiccup’s memoirs are a reminder to be brave, clever, and a bit crazy to make it through this adventure we call life. The books will take you a lunch or two to read alone, but I would suggest listening to David Tennant narrate these stories in the evening. Like classic radio shows, this story is meant to be heard aloud and imagined with the sounds, voices, and singing of a creative mastermind. A bit of family time listening to these books would be enjoyable for the youngest and eldest in your home.

The Invisible Library

I like this series in one of those I-would-not-recommend-it ways. The first of the series is a bit slow and the dialogue is awkward. I am an engineer so I know awkward and the exchanges in this book made me wonder if the author tried to read them out loud or perhaps had never spoken with another human. By the second novel, the conversations seem to iron themselves out a bit and seem more natural. I am beginning the third and the whole series seems to feel better.

We should keep Cogman on our radar because she writes creative, new takes on classic ideas. She writes strong female leads with depth. She doesn’t make romance the prime driver of the plot. I think she will have some really awesome books to come as she builds confidence in her own voice.

The Tainted Crown

Haha, taint.

I read the novella, The First Crown, over the beginning of this week. (I downloaded it for free from Instafreebies a few weeks back.) I enjoyed Cowley’s prequel to the recently released Tainted Crown series. Cowley writes a short story that feels as if it were told around fires at night in order to stay in the memory of the civilisations of Caledan. The story is equal parts realistic and magical. I think I will enjoy my future time spent in Caledan and hope Cowley continues to write with such a perfect mix of epic fantasy and magical folklore.


A Bookish Girl


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