The Invisible Library Series

Genevieve Cogman

Note: This post is a review of the series to-date.

The first book of this series, The Invisible Library, has a unique plot that keeps the reader engaged despite odd dialogue in areas. I read parts of this novel out loud to my spouse to ensure I was not the only one who felt the author had not conversed with another person while writing this story. The dialogue shattered the pace of the story at times, but the idea was so neat, I kept reading.

I am glad I did.

The awkward interactions are wiped clean by the second and third novels. I even began to think Cogman intentionally wrote the conversations as stunted and uncomfortable so she could illustrate to growing bond between the lead characters. As time passes and as the characters survive and struggle together, they communicate naturally and with more than language as most tight-knit groups come to develop as they grow together.

Cogman writes a unique and enticing story that will keep you entertained and seeking more. Her host of characters have depth, but not written out. The point of view is such that only the main character is fully revealed. The supporting characters and additional main characters are revealed in bits and pieces throughout the story. Mysteries still abound in their full personalities, their motivation and intentions have not fully been illuminated to the reader. Rather than creating shallow, half-formed characters, Cogman has created tension that mirrors that of real relationships. (You don’t fully know or understand even those closest to you.)

This is a female lead with two main male characters. So, there is a love triangle, right? No! Although some tension exists throughout the novel between the female and the males, it is at different times and in completely different ways. Rather than an obnoxious, all-consuming, dull, love-triangle tale, Cogman presents a realistic relationship between three friends that, at times, feel perhaps there is more to the connection between them. Yet, the romantic drama is sidelined so the friends can endure adventures, challenges, and escapes from certain death. The tension and drama exist only between two characters and is never a dividing point in the circle of friends.

In other words, some romance is sprinkled throughout the tale. If you are a die-hard romance fan, you will be left frustrated. However if you enjoy a fantastical tale with realistic relationships and characters, Cogman delivers in the most wonderful of ways.

I can hardly wait for the January 2018 release of the next novel in this series.

Keep reading.

Be kind to one another.

-A Bookish Girl


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